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Edinburgh Art Gallery

Art Gallery Website Redesign

This project involved creating a new website for an art gallery to replace their outdated one. Our goal was to develop a marketplace where the gallery could sell their own paintings as well as works from other artists.

+ Website Design
+ Website Development
+ Custom CMS Development
+ Transferring the content
+ Website Tech Support

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Bridging Art and Technology

Key Features:

+ Developed a comprehensive gallery showcasing artworks and artist profiles.
+ Created an extensive catalog of exhibitions and events to keep visitors engaged.
+ Designed an intuitive management interface using the TechNerds Toolkit. This solution empowers managers to easily administer the website, manage content, control user access, and handle form submissions.
+ The custom CMS software eliminates technical limitations, ensuring seamless website growth. It offers enhanced convenience and security compared to public CMS platforms.

This project exemplifies our proficiency in designing and developing a robust, user-friendly website tailored to the specific requirements of an art gallery.