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The price depends on your design preferences, the number of sections and pages, functionality, and the capabilities of the content management system. 
The starting price for a simple but high-quality website, built on Laravel, is $1000. You can find more details about pricing here

To get started, fill out the request form on our website and briefly describe there your request and planned project. Following that, we will get in touch with you and send a relevant questionnaire, your answers will help us make a preliminary project estimation. Next, we will send you a commercial proposal.
All technical communication will be conducted via email. You'll have your project manager to communicate. If needed, a designer or developer can also join the project discussion.

Certainly! Every website we develop includes a user-friendly admin panel with a responsive design, enabling you to administer your site from any mobile device, including smartphones. However, working with large amounts of data may be more convenient on larger screens.

Our approach involves dividing the project into manageable stages, each linked to its respective payment milestone. We're also open to a payment arrangement of 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. 

Technical support is an optional service.
We offer both package and hourly technical support to our clients. Packaged support includes a specific set of services focused on ensuring reliability, protection, website monitoring, and higher priority in tasks solving. Some pricing packages may include a few tech support hours. The most expensive package provides a 100% guarantee for protection against hacking. Hourly support options are also available.

Customer satisfaction is our focus, and we aim to establish enduring relationships.
We use reliable modern technologies which give high levels of security, scalability, and website speed. Our clients enjoy a user-friendly interface for seamless site management. We offer technical support and stand ready to defend your website.

This means that the developer is not restricted by any templates or CMS limits and can develop projects with customized functionalities according to the client's business needs. These projects are not limited to future growth, and clients can implement any desired features, including unique features. This applies not only to the website but also to the site management system, which we customize specifically for the project.

At TechNerds, we specialize in creating completely customized websites tailored to your unique business aims using the power of Laravel framework. It's one of the best and most well-known PHP frameworks in the world. With it’s robust features, scalability, and elegant syntax, we'll build a reliable and high-performing website that meets your specific requirements.

WordPress is a system for quickly creating template-based simple websites and blogs. It's usually not expensive and is made quickly. However, it has drawbacks. It's outdated technology with significant security issues. The site management interface is terrible and inconvenient. Low performance and slow speed in WordPress sites often leads to an extra load on servers. Developing with WordPress is limited, making it challenging to create custom or unique functionality.
Read more about The Dark Side of WordPress on our TechNerds Hub.

We can offer you hosting on our VPS server or assist you in choosing it from a local hosting providers.

Yes. In our team, we have a professional illustrator specializing in creating logos, corporate identity and illustrations. Uniqueness and a personalized approach are guaranteed. Contact us to get more information.

Our admin panels are designed to be simple and easy to understand, containing only what is essential for managing your website. Nothing unnecessary. You can control user roles and permissions, track administrator actions through logs, manage content and page structure, and other tools. You can learn more details here.

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